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Hey, Mesa here. I'm like 20 now, right? I live just outside of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Super Salty Shoutout to my Partner in Crime Dyre White. He is made of magic and cats.

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Cis Female, she and her plz.
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i like boys in theory and then one gets too close to me adn im like nah

■ Hodor and Groot : A Fireside Encounter


"Hodor." Hodor said as he entered the lonely cabin. Hodor had been living all on his own since Prince Bran wed his wife last year. His life was simple now, but Hodor missed the feel of his small friend in the knapsack on his back. Those times had far more terror, but he also felt much less alone.






Probably the greatest, comprehensive analysis on one of the most important film makers in animation gone too soon, and my direct influence in storyboard/visual storytelling in animation, the late great Kon Satoshi.

Rest in Power, Kon-san!


if you haven’t already watched this I demand that you do so now

Great analysis of Satoshi Kon. Worth watching. 

Reblogged this before, but will reblog again. Anyone interested in ANY form of cinematography should watch this. Satoshi Kon is a master.


This vodka looks like a fucking galaxy bye.


♬ 61/365 ”I’m Not Your Toy“ | La Roux

This isn’t another
girl meets boy

34,039 plays


an old favorite, the HEDGEWALKER dress is here to stay,

and its friend, the HERMIT blouse, will join it in the shop come fall

sweet alchemist shop


dumping some astraia WIP. she looks a bit terrible right now(sorry),her torso needs shortening,hips widening and alot of detail carving in to be closer to my drawings of her.
I just I need strength and dry clay to continue further…

blue - 22mm
hazel 24mm


Hien tan skin by -customlovers- #flickstackr


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