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Hey, Mesa here. I'm like 20 now, right? I live just outside of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Super Salty Shoutout to my Partner in Crime Dyre White. He is made of magic and cats.

My sweet girlfriend is called Bandit. She is lovely and you should visit her blog.

My blog is kinda NSFW and I am kinda bad at remembering to tag things. But if there is anything I can do to help you with that feel free to ask.

Cis Female, she and her plz.
Anyway have a nice time!~




Been trying something new with my coffee this fall.

Zimmay, i feel this on a spiritual level.



Ink and water colour


Woven Necklace | Say Yes

I’m totally in love with this necklace. A little bit arty, a little bit vintage, and very, very unique. You can guarantee no one will have one exactly like yours! Plus you can make yours even more unique by what you add to it - beads, string, leather. A very on-trend piece that’s perfect to add a bit of boho to any outfit!


Oya and her mask.



yay yesterday, we was on Dolliverse @  Netherland. it was pretty cool there. Sadly not big…but really awesome people there ^^ There was also a stand, where you can put your dolls in , to take some photos ^o^ So we did some of our little Enaibi Wasp ethel aka Honey drew ^^



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