Paunch Cakes
Hey, Mesa here. I'm like 20 now, right? I live just outside of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Super Salty Shoutout to my Partner in Crime Dyre White. He is made of magic and cats.

My sweet girlfriend is called Bandit. She is lovely and you should visit her blog.

My blog is kinda NSFW and I am kinda bad at remembering to tag things. But if there is anything I can do to help you with that feel free to ask.

she and her plz.
Anyway have a nice time!~

Everyone is just perfect in this. …Oh goodness, I didnt even see what Satine was doing.

Annnd and pic of the show.

During Sweet T.

And after the show.

After the show!

We went to the Grotto while my Sissa was here. I didn’t think it had enough of the Virgin Mary. 

We got to take pictures of our dollies though!

"My sister and I had an act that couldn’t flop."

My Sissa came to visit last month and we looked at all kindsa plants and water and animals. We like that sorta thing. 

Special appearance by dyrewhite​ <3

This wasn’t really the hair I was going for. #self

This is for all the naps I wish I could take. #self

Good morning cuties.

I went outside today! And also went places!

Frodo is the best snuggler.

my bangs look much better after attacking them with expensive scissors

Before and after pics of my bang trim. Could be better, but I’ll live.

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